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Gunsmoke - The Movies all through August on CBS Action

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Saturday 22nd Jul 2017

Ride with CBS Action, back to Dodge City to see how the good (and not so good) folk are coping after a decade on from when the original series finished. Catch each Gunsmoke movie every Sunday at 6pm throughout August.

Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge on the 6th is set a dozen years after the retirement of Marshal Matt Dillion. He finds his idyllic life in the hills shattered by an old foe with bloody vengeance on his mind. In pursuit of his old enemy, Dillon is ambushed by mountaineers and badly wounded. He recovers thanks to the tender care of his devoted confidante, Miss Kitty. But more danger looms. In the dramatic climax, a still-weakened Dillon must confront his most desperate enemy on the streets of Dodge City. The following Sunday in Gunsmoke 2: The Last Apache, Dillon receives unexpected but urgent letters from Mike, a woman he once loved, mysteriously requesting his return. He arrives to find her ranch in flames following a brutal raid by the Apache Indians. Adding to the shock, he learns he has a daughter, Beth, who has been kidnapped by a fierce warrior. Dillon must free two Apaches from jail in order to bargain for Beth’s freedom.

On the 20th in Gunsmoke 3: To The Last Man the drama begins with the funeral of Dillon’s life-long love, and his decision to send his daughter, Beth, off to school. But when the savage Tommy Graham gang makes off with his cattle, Dillon sets off alone and finds himself in the middle of one of the Old West’s bloodiest feuds. At the slam-bang finale, old and new friends come together to help make the region safe for law-abiding citizens. The series of Gunsmoke movies finishes on the 27th with Gunsmoke 4: The Long Ride. As Dillon hosts his daughter’s wedding, bounty-hunting deputies ride up with a warrant for his arrest. A wealthy mine operator has been gunned down and killed in cold blood, and an eye-witness says Dillion was the murderer. His only hope is to find the killers and clear his name.




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