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Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman

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NCIS: Los Angeles

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Gunsmoke 1: Return To Dodge

Sunday 30th October @ 19:00

Gunsmoke 1: Return To Dodge

Standing Tall

Sunday 23rd October @ 18:00

Standing Tall

Gunsmoke 2: The Last Apache

Sunday 6th November @ 19:00

Gunsmoke 2: The Last Apache

Star Trek - The Original Series

Monday 24th October @ 12:00

Star Trek - The Original Series

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Genre: Series / Drama

Series 6, Episode 22: Legend Part 1

Gibbs and McGee travel to Los Angeles to work with the NCIS Office of Special Projects team there to solve the murder of a marine.

Cast: Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum

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Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman

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Sunday 23 October 2016 @ 01:55

Standing Tall

Sunday 23 October 2016 @ 18:00

September Gun

Sunday 30 October 2016 @ 01:55

Brothers of the Frontier

Saturday 5 November 2016 @ 02:55

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An Interview With Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols

Posted in: Features, Interviews, Friday 7th Oct 2016

You’d have to be living under a rock not to realise that Star Trek is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

With the cause for celebration running riot across the galaxy, we had no option but to ask one of the founding fathers – sorry, mothers – of Star Trek about her tenure on the original series.

Playing Nyota Uhura, Nichelle Nichols became an on-screen icon shortly after the shows debut. Not only due to Uhura’s charismatic and spirited nature, but also due to the fact that Nichols was on... read more