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Have yourself an (early) merry little Christmas

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By James Whittington
Posted in A Diva's Christmas Carol, Features, Silver Bells, Sunday 29th Oct 2017

Enjoy the best Christmas movies on weekend evenings at 6.10pm from 18th November as CBS Action helps you get into the Christmassy mood with a selection box of festive film favourites.

We start with Once Upon A Christmas where Santa's good-hearted daughter must save Christmas by foiling her evil sister Rudolpha's nefarious scheme to do away with the holiday. In the process, she falls in love and sacrifices her immortality to save the day. This is followed by the charming sequel Twice Upon A Christmas on the 19th with Kristen now living among the mortals with no recollection of her past and out of the picture after last year, Rudolpha hatches a scheme to sell off the North Pole and destroy Christmas once and for all.

We hear Silver Bells on the 25th Every December, where a man called Christopher (Tate Donovan), travels to New York City with his son and daughter from the family’s Christmas tree farm to sell their trees. But this year Danny announces he wants to remain in New York to pursue his passion for photography. After Christopher and his son quarrel on the matter Danny runs away. A year later, father and daughter return to continue their search for Danny, who’s been taken under the informal tutelage of museum curator Catherine (Anne Heche). Catherine has unhappiness in her own life — her husband recently passed away. Eventually, the lonely widow, distraught father and estranged son come together – in a Christmas to remember for all time.

A literary classic gets a make-over on the 26th in A Diva's Christmas Carol. Top superstar singer Ebony Scrooge (Vanessa Williams), Christmas is just another day of the year – another day to exploit her entourage, insult her family and steal from the less fortunate, until a fateful Christmas Eve changes her tune forever.




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