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Spend Sunday night at the movies with CBS Action

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By James Whittington
Posted in Diagnosis Murder, Features, Hidden Agenda, Raw Deal, The Last Patrol, Sunday 3rd Sep 2017

Each Sunday in September, CBS Action is bringing the big screen to your home with a finely selected season of action-packed movies starring some of cinema's toughest tough guys. Each film starts at 9pm.

In Men Of War Nick Gunar (Dolph Lundgren) is a burnt-out former mercenary who is having a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. He’s hired by the Nitro Mine Corporation to strong-arm the natives of a South China Sea island into giving up their rights to its mineral resources. Nick loathes the thought of another mission, but this job will earn him enough money to get back with his estranged family. The island people refuse to give up their land and Nick decides to help them fight the corporation that hired him. The following week we witness The Last Patrol. The year is 1999, and California has separated along the San Andreas Fault from a devastating Earthquake measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale. A new order is formed in what’s left of Los Angeles, and when disagreement among the ranks leads to war and disruption, it’s up to Army Captain Nick Preston (Dolph Lundgren) and his colleagues to map the New World, rescue the forgotten, and defend the coast.

Dolph is back on the 17th this time with a Hidden Agenda. Former government agent Jason Price (Lundgren) is now a hitman who makes people "disappear" for top government agencies. His well-oiled, high-tech operation never makes a wrong move. But when a mysterious competitor known as The Cleaner infiltrates his system and begins a killing spree, Jason finds himself caught in a frightening spiral where no one can be trusted. Then on the 24th Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in in Raw Deal, a brute force action classic as a maverick FBI agent kicked out of the bureau for excessive violence who is given a chance to return if he can topple a Chicago gang leader.




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Sunday 22nd October 2017 @ 18:10

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Friday 27th October 2017 @ 22:00


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Angel and the Bad Man

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