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Saddle up for Western Weekends in July

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Wednesday 21st Jun 2017

Enjoy a selection of our favourite Western movies every weekend in July at 6pm as we ride back in time to the old wild west and meet the many colourful characters that lived action-packed lives. Here's a selection of the adventures ahead!

Angel and the Badman on the 2nd is a remake of the John Wayne classic which tells the story of notorious gunfighter Quirt Evans who stumbles near a Quaker family's land whilst on the run. Noticing Quirt is wounded, the family takes him in, and as he regains his health, he falls for their young daughter. As Quirt falls deeper in love and becomes accustomed to the family's peaceful ways, his violent past starts to catch up to him. Eventually he is forced to decide whether it is worth letting go of his turbulent former life for an altogether different future. On the 8th we catch up with the story of two of America's most legendary outlaws, which is told from a new perspective in this two-hour movie that uncovers the early years of the gentleman bandits. Learn The Legend of Butch and Sundance.

Siringo on the 9th is an action packed western starring Brad Johnson as U.S. Deputy Marshall, Charlie Siringo. One of the few lawmen in the Old West, Siringo sets out to bring justice to a land of outlaws after a comanchero gang leader kills an Indian War Chief in cold blood. Remember Rick Schroder? Well he's all grown up now and starring in Blood River on the 22nd. Written by horror legend John Carpenter it follows Perls (Schroder) a young drifter fleeing murder charges and his unlikely relationship with Culler (Wilford Brimley), a cantankerous trapper with a vexing sense of humour who happens to be a lawman.




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