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Season 2 of Mission: Impossible and Diagnosis Murder this March

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 26th Feb 2017

It may be getting a bit warmer outside but we'll be keeping you glued to your TVs in March as some of your favourite shows continue, Mission: Impossible and Diagnosis Murder.

In the second season of Mission: Impossible the IMF team pose as circus performers to rescue a priest who can bring down a Baltic defence minister and recover a hidden relic which contains state secrets. In another episode, the IMF must stop evil miners from using the beliefs of a Pacific cargo cult to extract gold in a manner that is killing the islanders.

You have the chance to catch the end of the first season of Diagnosis Murder which will continue through into its Second Aeason this month. In Season 1 we see Dr. Sloan investigate a hit-and-run death that involves a priest's confessional, and a patient who claims to be an amnesiac, but Sloan's probing of her past leads to a mob boss and the possibility that she's plotting to murder a hospitalised senator. In another episode, when a dying man gives him a lottery ticket worth millions, Sloan must fight his way through competing claims in order to give the money to charity.

So that's your weekdays sorted, Mission: Impossible at 11pm and Diagnosis Murder at 9pm.




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