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Trek Log

The Trekkie Girls - Hailing Frequencies Open

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Sunday 2nd Oct 2016

Continuing CBS Action’s mission to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, we want to look back at the iconic and inspirational character Uhura and the phenomenal Nichelle Nichols who first played her.

In our previous articles, we spoke about how she nearly quit Star Trek, as she felt under utilized. It was Dr Martin Luther King who convinced her to stay, telling her the importance of having black, female role models in a position of authority. She has since inspired many actresses, scientists and astronauts to achieve more than they thought possible.

Most actors who worked on read more

Star Trek: TOS - The Nation's Favourite Episode Result

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Monday 5th Sep 2016

So then, did you vote in our search for the nation's favourite episode of Star Trek: The Original Series?

Well it was a close run vote but in the end those furry little creatures captured your vote. Yes, Trouble With Tribbles was number one in your book. But what about the other 19?

Here's the top 20, is your favourite listed?

1. The Trouble With Tribbles
2. The City on the Edge of Forever
3. Balance of Terror
4. Mirror, Mirror
5. The Devil in the Dark
6. The Doomsday Machine
7. Space Seed
8. Tomorrow Is Yesterday
9. The Menagerie, ... read more

Star Trek - 20 Most Popular Episodes

By Dave Macleod
Posted in Star Trek, Treklog, Wednesday 31st Aug 2016

To celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, take a trip back through the final frontier and enjoy the 20 most popular Star Trek episodes, as voted for by you.

The series is set in the 23rd century when Earth has survived World War III and has now moved on to explore the stars. Humanity has allied with other alien races and formed the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet serves as its exploratory and military branch. Captain James T. Kirk, first officer, science officer Mr. Spock and chief medical officer Leonard McCoy lead the Starship Enterprise exploring the galaxy with a crew of 430 men and women contacting new life forms, conducting diplomat missions and exploring the unknown.

Star Trek: The Nation's Favourite Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes September 3rd and ... read more

Nichelle Nichols Will Be At BFI Southbank In October To Celebrate Star Trek At 50

By James Whittington
Posted in News, Star Trek, Starsky And Hutch, Treklog, Tuesday 16th Aug 2016

The BFI, CBS Action and Radio Times will welcome Star Trek original cast member Nichelle Nichols to BFI Southbank on 1st October for Star Trek at 50 to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary, the talent of Nichols and the major impact of her role. The event pays tribute to the sci-fi phenomenon – in all its incarnations – and marks the anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s original TV series.

Nichols is a true pioneer, having made strides for black representation in the media as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, recognised as one of the first black characters to be featured on a US television series in a positive leading role. Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. ... read more

The Trekkie Girls: The Women Of Star Trek - Part 2

By James Whittington
Posted in Star Trek, Treklog, Tuesday 26th Jul 2016

This week The Trekkie Girls continue their look at The Women Of Star Trek by scanning Voyager and Enterprise.

By the time Star Trek: Voyager launched, fans felt overdue a female Captain. Captain Janeway was an exceptional commander and Kate Mulgrew was the perfect actress for the part.

Mulgrew, even with limited knowledge of the Star Trek fandom understood the enormity of her position. She learned about science and technology so she could deliver a more authentic character and speaks passionately about these subjects at conventions.

Much like Nichelle Nicholls, Kate Mulgrew has also become an advocate for girls entering STEM careers.

<... read more
New Star Trek RPG Coming In 2017

By James Whittington
Posted in News, Star Trek, Treklog, Thursday 21st Jul 2016

Modiphius Entertainment, publisher of the Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Infinity and John Carter of Mars roleplaying games, announced today the development of Star Trek Adventures, the first new official Star Trek roleplaying game to be produced in more than a decade. The news comes as Star Trek fans worldwide get ready to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016.

Fans of the legendary Star Trek television series’ and films will not only boldly go to the final frontier, but they will shape the voyages and missions through the <... read more

The Trekkie Girls: The Women Of Star Trek - Part 1

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Saturday 16th Jul 2016

As Star Trek fans, who have on occasion been privileged to be asked to host a panel or two at conventions, or write the odd piece for a big broadcasting channel’s website (!), there is a topic that we often get called upon to discuss: “The Women of Star Trek”, presumably, because we are women!

Whilst the intention behind the suggestion is good e.g., to celebrate women or to critique the writing and development of female characters, it sometimes feels like the women on Star Trek is just another category, like types of Starships or Alien Races.

But the women of Star Trek aren’t just a category; the characters are the life and soul of the fran... read more

New Series From IDW Celebrates The First 50 Years Of Star Trek

By James Whittington
Posted in News, Star Trek, Treklog, Sunday 3rd Jul 2016

To celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, IDW Publishing will boldly launch a new series in September which honours the legacy of the various Starfleet crews which have inhabited the Star Trek universe over the past five decades.

From Captain Kirk to Archer, and everyone in between, each issue of Star Trek: Waypoint will feature brand-new stories starring fan-favorite characters written and drawn by some of today’s top talents. The debut issue will feature contributions by Donny Cates, Mack Chater and Sandra Lanz with more stories by all-star creators to be announced soon!

Cates and Chater will team on the lead story set during ... read more

Star Trek's 50th Anniversary! The Celebrations Start This July!

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Sunday 3rd Jul 2016

Ahead of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, CBS Action is showing two documentaries taking viewers back to the beginning and giving them an insight into how this groundbreaking show was made.

Firstly, join Captain Kirk (William Shatner) as he explores the start of the journey in Star Trek: A Captain’s Log on July 29th. Then, enter the world of Trekkies with Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier on July 31st, a documentary featuring the 2006 Star Trek auction, which was held to celebrate 40 years of Star Trek.

This is just the start of our read more

The Trekkie Girls: A Brief History Of Star Trek

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Sunday 12th Jun 2016

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the greatest television series in history - Star Trek. It has quite literally ‘lived long and prospered’. In the half a century that it has graced our screens it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, quite the opposite. The franchise is set to jump to warp speed this year and for some time to come.

It all started with one man’s dream, Gene Roddenberry. Born in Texas 1921 he was a distinguished pilot in the United States Army Air Corps and Pan American World Airways. He was serving as an officer at Los Angeles Police Department when he started writing scripts for television shows which ultimately led him to creatin... read more

Meet The Trekkie Girls!

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Thursday 9th Jun 2016

Hailing Frequencies open.

We are The Trekkie Girls, three geeky women who go to Star Trek Conventions, live blog our thoughts on anything from debating the finer points of the Treaty of Algeron to deciphering Zachary Quinto’s tweets (What the Spock is he talking about!?) and generally fangirling in front of Star Trek actors without having so much as a sniff of Romulan Ale.

Although we have been lifelong fans and blogged for five years, The Trekkie Girls came in to existence twenty years ago when we met at school. Being the class nerds we quickly huddled together for safety in numbers. We became known as ‘those... read more

Character: Quark

By Raules Davies
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Monday 10th Mar 2014

When I chose my next character and specifically one from the 24th century as opposed to 23rd, I knew I didn’t want to be stereotypical and start with Jean-Luc Picard or really any of the main TNG crew... I wanted to mix it up a bit. My first thought was, “What about Garak?” Then I thought, “What about Jetrel? Or even Crell Moset?” let’s face it there are a lot of characters to play with! (I really do have to do one on Moset!)

But I asked a friend and she said, “What about Quark?” After thinking about it for all of 3.6 seconds I said to myself, “Why not?” So here it is:

The word "Quark" was coined by Physicist Murray Gell-Mann as a term "to denote a theoretical particle." However, He actually borrowed the word from James Joyce's 1939 n... read more

REAL WORLD - The Hypospray

By Dave Macleod
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Friday 21st Feb 2014

Advancing on the Biobed blog from last week, this time I’m going to talk about how the real world has been influenced by sci-fi... or vice versa.

Keeping with a medical theme (and staying as far away from mobile phones for now) I thought we could look at Hyposprays... more commonly known to the world as “jet injectors”. There lies here a tale of two avenues... the development of the device and the development of the name! Let’s start with the latter as that’s a little less convoluted and confusing.

The earliest recorded use of the term “hypospray” was in 1947 during a radio show serial of The Shadow, a series of novels and later comic books depicting a Batman-esque character.  A further mention of the device was in 1956 in the novel T... read more

Character: Spock

By Raules Davies
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Monday 17th Feb 2014

I thought I’d look at another TOS character this week... Well, seeing as I started off with Captain Kirk last week and in that blog I mentioned Spock, I guess I might as well just pop over and talk about Spock this week!

With Leonard Nimoy being in the news at the moment, as he's developed Obstructive Pulmonary Lung Disease, let’s look at his 23rd Century alter ego.

For a character that is so fully explored in the Star Trek universe, there seems to be an awful lot of grey areas about him. his age, first and foremost.

According to JJ Abrams, Kirk and Spock are roughly the same age. William Shatner’s novel Collision Course has them at the Academy together, and largely due to the similar age in the actors, a ... read more


By Raules Davies
Posted in Features, Star Trek, Treklog, Friday 14th Feb 2014

Three years ago I was asked which was my favourite piece of technology and I had approximately 15 seconds to think of an answer. In that space of time and running through the obvious selections of future technology exhibited in the Star Trek universe like transporters, phasers, etc. I actually decided on the universal translator. Integrated into comm badges, it allowed everyone to understand each other. However, today I want to talk about an element of technology that is largely overlooked. The biobed in sickbay.

The biobed has largely remained unchanged since its first appearance on screen in The Man Trap. A simplistic looking bed which can manoeuvre from a horizontal to a vertical position, with restraints attached to be used if necessary, and an overhead b... read more

Trek Log

By Raules Davies
Posted in Star Trek, Treklog, Monday 10th Feb 2014

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I’m Raules Davies, CBS Action’s Trekologist, and I will be writing weekly on the subject of Star Trek – as well as the wider sci-fi universe.

I am often referred to as a trek expert or a super fan, and both are labels that I actually don’t like very much!

I do pride myself on consistently building my knowledge but I never claim to know everything.  I have a naturally enquiring mind and am always delighted to hear from other trekkers around the world...

As Data says in Data's Day: "...I will continue learning, changing, growing, and trying to become more than what I am."

So, keep in touch, and let me know what you think.

I’ll update this blog as much as I can in the week, so please c... read more




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